About us

The world is constantly changing, a world in which we are working on a daily basis. What you expect from your bank has changed, and our approach has changed as well. Yet our desire to provide you with the best possible service at all times remains our number-one priority. Here, or in any corner of the globe.

Our values

A commitment to you

We undertake to manage your assets responsibly. This management will be set in the context of a privileged relationship with your own relationship manager. We also undertake to use all of the human and technical resources available to us to maintain and develop your wealth. While responsibility is the dominant value in our commercial philosophy, it cannot exist in isolation, it is therefore combined with all of our values namely: confidence, performance, listening, integrity and transparency.

Getting to know and understand you

In our interconnected world, the remit of the asset manager has been completely overhauled in terms of approach and sphere of activity. The qualities and knowledge that you can rightfully expect from y?our Private Bank are becoming ever more numerous and varied. Your relationship manager, supported by other experts, will use his or her skills to provide you with financial planning and to assist you in the structuring and transfer of your assets. In our capacity as a Private Bank, we want to set standards in:

A well-known and recognized institution in the pure tradition of international private banks, the mission of BIL in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is to cater for financial solutions for expatriates established in the DIFC area, as well as HNWI and UHNWI in the Middle East.

  • How we approach you, our client, and in our relationship with you. Our philosophy is based on strong values, which must be upheld at every stage and every level.
  • Our approach to teamwork, enabling you to benefit as much as possible from our network of international experts.
  • Our agility, as we demonstrate our ability to work within all of the limits specific to complex cross-border or international situations.

Our history

BIL, a Private Bank since 1856

BIL is the oldest bank in the country. Our history is closely linked to the economic history and circumstance of Luxembourg. Our Bank was founded to provide financing for the railways and steel industry in a country that was still essentially agricultural.

At the heart of the region's commercial exchanges and following a rapid process of industrialisation, we were privileged to issue the first banknotes in Luxembourg, retaining this issuing right until the introduction of the euro.

From Luxembourg to international

We immediately became a major and dynamic player in a country of entrepreneurs and one of the founding members of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. We accompanied the creation and development of leading Luxembourg companies, in particular, Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télédiffusion (which became RTL Group) and Luxair. We very quickly became one of Luxembourg's key financial players , with links to major companies and important families of entrepreneurs who have remained loyal to us to this day and who are involved in our everyday operations and in our decision-making bodies.

From the beginning of the 20th century onwards, we began to turn our attention to neighbouring markets and countries too. This natural progression to an international outlook continued with the opening of our first representative offices abroad. Our link-up with Crédit Communal de Belgique was followed by our efforts to establish a network in Switzerland.

Independence, solidity, heritage

We rediscovered our name and our independence in 2012 when the Luxembourg State became a shareholder in our Bank alongside an investment fund from Qatar. This solid shareholder structure means we can look to the future with confidence and offer you, our clients, a reassuring solidity.

BIL in Middle East based in Dubai

The Middle East is recording a high level of growth.

BIL Dubai Branch opens the world of international investments, it offers highly customized and comprehensive solutions with financial and non-financial dimensions.

Whatever your needs, you will find our tailor-made services, reinforced by the skills and capabilities of BIL Group developed in Switzerland, Luxembourg, and through its international network at your service.

Moreover, based in this important Wealth Management center, BIL Dubai can offer for professional clients all international financial and wealth structuring services required by families, entrepreneurs and expatriates. BIL Dubai also meets the service needs of family offices and independent external asset managers (IAM).

Our financing, credit, investment products and wealth structuring solutions answer the needs of a growing number of high net worth individual clients.

At BIL Dubai Branch, the accent is placed on regional high net worth clients, from the point of view of both their families and their business activities. Cooperation with Luxembourg and Switzerland is very intense, as with all our regional offices.